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Our Philosophy

  • Recruiting the right talent is critical to our clients’ success, and we execute all recruiting assignments accordingly.
  • Our clients are successful executives who may lack the time or support staff to accomplish everything they would like to do. We repect their expertise and understand their dilemma. We listen and learn from them.

  • Our role is to help our clients succeed, to be more productive and effective. We accept ownership of their problems. We help them to define and achieve their goals.

  • It is critical that we clearly understand our client's expectations of us before we start our work. We were once clients, and we did not want any unpleasant surprises from our consultants.

  • We believe we are most effective when we have an ongoing client relationship that gives us the opportunity to help implement programs and fulfill specific tasks.

  • Market Research must be carefully planned, executed, and presented in order to be decision and action oriented.

  • While we stay abreast of the latest business theories and concepts, our focus is on the development of pragmatic recommendations.

Above all, we believe our effectiveness reflects the quality of our analysis, the creativity of our thinking, our enthusiasm for the assignment, and our willingness to challenge conventional wisdom.

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