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When We Can Help

Perhaps your Talent Acquisition organization cannot handle the volume of hiring needs this quarter.  Maybe one of your recruiters is on a leave of absence, and you need temporary search assistance.  Or you just have a niche position that your internal recruiters are having trouble filling.  These are the times when MRG can leverage our recruiting expertise to help you achieve results.

We can deliver our marketing research and strategic planning services in the traditional role of a consultant, completing these discrete projects with specific deliverables.

MRG’s interim management services can help when organizations find that they are temporarily short-handed, either in number of people or required expertise. In these instances, MRG interim management represents a practical and effective way to deal with such situations. We provide the services of management executives for only the amount and length of time that their skills are needed to achieve your business goals.

Our clients can access the experience and expertise of MRG staff on a contingent, partial or full-time basis for a temporary period or on an ongoing basis.

MRG's activities often involve a long term relationship with a client so we can help them achieve their goals.

You can benefit from MRG's services . . .

  • When hiring needs are urgent or specialized
  • When the volume of hiring needs cannot be met with internal staff
  • When meeting tight deadlines
  • When existing staff members are fully occupied
  • When the expertise you need is not available within your organization
  • When fresh ideas or innovation are required
  • When objectivity is needed
  • When deferring the employment of permanent staff
  • When confidentiality within your organization is required
  • When concealing your company's activities from your competitors

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